My name is Michael Frymus, and I specialize in travel and commercial lifestyle photography and videography. I am originally based in Toronto, Canada, but often seen travelling around the world creating content for various international brands and organizations. 

With everyone being connected on social media, its easier than ever to reach out to those in the same niche to advertise products and services. My mission is to work with brands, companies, and organizations to help reach their full potential, not only through photography and videography but also by telling stories that help connect one another.

​I enjoy expressing my love for nature through my art form, especially when shooting commercial work. I have shot clothing and apparel, travel and outdoor gear, sporting equipment, camera equipment, automotive, and electronics, all with an emphasis on travelling or the outdoors.

In addition to photography, I shoot video campaigns for social media. Being skilled in both crafts gives me an upper edge for clients who are looking for both, or either photo or video assignments.


My artistic style can be described as being clean, vibrant, and center focused. Whenever I photograph nature or products, I always shoot with the intention of my artwork to be printed and displayed in ads or at home. I want to convey an emotional message when someone sees my work and I want them to feel as if they were there enjoying the moment unfold with me.

I am happiest when I am surrounded by nature, which is why I love hiking, camping, kayaking, or simply driving to a new destination. Wherever I may go, I am always accompanied by my camera, documenting the journey in search of the most beautiful scenery and natural wonders.

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Selected Clients

MasterCard   |   BMO   |   TD Canada   |   7-Eleven   |   Crunch Fitness   |   Sunny Morning   |   Home Sweet Hope   |   Victory Charity Ball   |   Rosewater Spa   |   Anderson Process

Boots & Hearts   |   Bud Light Dreams   |   Ever After   |   DJ Miss Tara   |   Hewz Clothing   |   S-Trip!   |   The Works   |   Triumph Construction   |   Angew Restoration Project 

Triovest Operations  |   TheExtraMile   |   OTBxAir   |   Stature Films   |   VMG Cinematic

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