Nifty Accessories for Photographers

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or seen a photo of someone's gear and saw something that stood out, something you've never seen before, or never thought of using the same way? Hopefully in this blog I can do just that, find those hidden gems that may entice you to buy to make your life as a photographer that much easier. These are the accessories I own and have with me in most situations.

I will be adding on to the list as time goes on and I discover more cool things


If you do not have this, you are probably fiddling with annoying camera straps or constantly having to put your camera away in your bag. With the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip, you can detach and attach your camera to your bag strap or on your belt hip in less than a second. It's out of the way and it will prevent you from missing those once in a lifetime shots.


These lens accessory add-ons are fantastic for creating macro shots on a budget. Macro tubes are basically lens extenders. They move your lens about one cementer further away from your sensor allowing you to focus much, much closer, allowing you to take proper macro photos without having to own an expensive macro lens.


- Super cheap alternative to a $1000+ macro lens

- Capture macro photos exactly like a macro lens with the same quality

- Provide two macro tubes (10mm & 16mm) to vary how close you want your focus to be, or combine them together if it focuses that close with your lens


- You must have a long lens (50mm +) is ideal. It is experimental to determine which lens works best with which tube (or both tubes)

- You loose the ability to focus far or to infinity

- Must put them on your lens only for macro, and be removed for regular photography

Watch my YouTube video on these macro filters here:


The one accessory I believe EVERY photographer should own is a polarizer filter. It comes useful in so many different ways, one where every type of photographer can benefit, no matter what you shoot - landscapes, street, portraits, products, real estate, etc.

With a polarizer you remove unwanted reflections off reflective surfaces such as glass, water, and leaves. You also you darken the blue sky making the clouds pop. A very useful tool that cannot be recreated or fixed in post.

Note: The effect is great, but it can be weak if the sun is behind clouds or it can be very strong depending on the angle you are positioned or how much you turn the polarizer filter.


There are many reasons why having a wireless remote in your bag (with a reel) can come handy, here are just a few of them:


Since I recently started #vlogging, I've been having to film myself from a distance. Putting the camera on a tripod, pressing record, running back to the starting spot, doing the action, and then running back to the camera to stop recording was eating away at my memory space. With a #remote, I can set stop stressing over wasting too much footage. Also great when you have to wait a few seconds if there is a vehicle driving by or people in your shot.

** Video recording not supported with all remote models

Long Exposures

When you plan on shooting long-exposure photos (astrophotography, waterfalls, real estate, etc.) you can rely on your remote to help with preventing any unwanted camera shakes while pressing the shutter button. Just step back from your camera and press the shutter button on your remote.

Take Photos from a Distance

Taking photos of yourself from a distance has to be one of my favorite things. Depending on which remote model you get, you could trigger your camera shutter from a whole football field away! No need for camera timers and running into position.

Why a Reel?

I attached a key chain ring to my mini-remote and attached a retractable reel to my pants belt loop. Instead of putting the remote away I can press record and let go of the remote and have it snap back to my body. Much faster and easier than having to put it away in your pocket or loosing it when you put it down somewhere. When vlogging, it would tuck the remote under my shirt and it would be unnoticed.


There are many different types of mini tripods you can choose, a Joby GorillaPod being one of the more popular ones, but I found them to be very unstable. My preference is a solid mini tripod with a small Arca Swiss ballhead.

You can place these almost anywhere and level off with the ballhead. Its great for placing the camera on tall surfaces where a tripod would be too big, or using them to get extremely low shots.


This is not something that every photographer needs or would use on a daily, but I would highly recommend a glass prism to portrait, engagement, and wedding photographers. It is not just for creating rainbows or pretty colours, but when placed against the lens and with the lens wide open (f/1.4, f/1.8, or f/2.8), you can create beautiful out of focus, dream-like photos. Just be subtle with it as it can be very overbearing.


Having a high capacity 26,800mAh Power Bank with you can definitely save you in those unpredictable situations, like it did to me. Carrying a charger cable for your phone or even a battery charger for your camera in case you end up using all of your batteries and have no whee to charge them.


Photo taken in Algonquin

Okay, not really photography related, but keeping one or two Cliff Bars in your bag at all times can be a lifesaver! No one wants to deal with a hangry photographer.

PS. The White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is my absolute favorite!

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