Clothing for the outdoors (Rain)

I will be breaking this blog into three sections; rain, snow, and sun. It's pretty self explanatory as to what I will be discussing in each category, so lets begin with the first one, Rain.

I love going out in the rain, whether its on a hike or simply going for a walk around on the streets in town.

The sound and the smell of rain is my type of vibe. But most of all, I love going out in the rain because I love shooting in various weather conditions. If you're going to be spending time outside in the rain, you need proper clothing to keep you dry and warm.

Why Arc'teryx?

After doing a heck of lot of research and testing out various pieces of clothing from different brands, I have found Arc'teryx clothing to be the most durable, and having the most choices in terms of styles depending on your needs. However, their clothing is not cheap. You are paying premium for quality and performance. But, if you want to stay warm, dry, comfortable, and have something that will last forever, Arc'teryx is the way to go.

SL vs. LT vs. FL vs. AR vs. SV - What do these mean?:

SL: Superlight

LT: Lightweight

FL: Fast and Light

AR: All Round

SV: Severe Weather

My go-to choice would be:

My personal choice is the SV: Severe Weather.

If you're looking for a jacket that will withstand all types of conditions no matter where you're travelling to, and you'd also like to use this in the winter time, I would not recommend anything less than the AR.

Zeta, Beta, Alpha - Styles choose from:

Although these may look very similar from one another, they are made differently and for different purposes. These are only three of their most popular and best choices to choose from, from the cheapest and thinnest to the strongest and most expensive. All jackets are made from GORE-TEX Pro, with the exception of Zeta being made from GORE-TEX C-knit, which is more comfortable and breathable, but suffers on long-term waterproofness.

My go-to choice would be:

I personally would recommend the Beta line. The Beta series is perfect for all round.