Get a Polaroid Camera, Here's Why...

You may be wondering, why should I bother buying another camera, especially a Polaroid Film camera? First, they aren't the cheapest cameras and you need to be buying Polaroid film for it all the time. But, here are my reasons why owning a Polaroid camera is an amazing decision.

I will be honest, at the time of writing this post, I have yet to own a Polaroid Camera myself. But, I have been wanting one for such a long time. There have been many opportunities that I came across where I would have loved to have captured that precious moment with someone. It is that feeling of an instant connection, being able to share the experience with someone. With the digital age, we often see our photos on our phones or on our computers, and rarely print them or admire them.

What is a Polaroid Camera?

A Polaroid camera, in another word is an instant print camera. You take a photo and it prints the photo instantly. Give it a few minutes and the image will appear on your film. There is no editing, no digital processing, just a RAW image of your captured moment.

I've need a Polaroid Camera & You Should Get one too!

When I was in Cuba for the first time in 2018, I arrived to my hostel and was greeted by my host with a glass of wine. We sat down, introduced ourselves, and had a small conversation. Next thing I knew, they pulled out a Polaroid Camera. We all bonded together and got a photo. The camera flashed and the film started to print. They handed me the film to keep as a memory. I looked down at the film, still black as it slowly developed. Moments later it was becoming visible. It was I, and my hosts sitting together on the couch having a glass of wine, smiling and laughing.

If this was taken on a digital camera, or on a phone, it wouldn't have been the same feeling. Having the physical copy of that moment only seconds after it happened, and waiting for that moment to appear on that film is a unique and touching experience. The feeling I had when I got my photo taken is the same feeling I want others to feel when I get to share that moment with them.

Later on in my trip across Cuba, I took a photo of a local farmer. You can read about the blog post here. In that story about the farmer, I took his photo in his tobacco field. But, I took it on my digital camera. I showed him his photo through my cameras rear LCD screen, and that was that. He smiled and liked the photo I took of him. It was probably the first time he had a professional portrait shot of himself. That was the moment I first wished I had a Polaroid, because I wanted to share that experience with him, and give him something as a memory. But, unfortunately, I only had a digital camera, so after that moment, he probably would never see that photo of himself again, and that memory would be lost.

Having a Polaroid camera really does connect one person with another. Take a photo, develop it, give it to your friend, and take another photo right after, develop it and keep it for yourself. A truly wonderful piece of technology used to connect us together.

Take it with your best friend. Take it with your family. Capture a moment together and share it with them and see their reaction. I am sure that you will get addicted to that feeling of seeing their overjoyed expression.

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